Fenn Tarpon

The “Tarpon” an all new SLA spec surfski designed by Fenn Kayaks. This ski is unbelievable in surf riding situations and has a standard rudder that is exceedingly responsive allowing you to turn and ‘surf’ shoulders perfectly. 

This hull design has speed and stability while keeping within Surf Lifesaving specifications, and is a terrific all-round surfski that is fast in the flats, will punch out through the surf with the best of them, and simply refuses to pearl or spin out on the face of the wave.  The Tarpon is surprisingly stable for a racing surfski. The Tarpon is an excellent choice for the beginner to intermediate surfski paddler.

  • 19′ long x 19″ wide
  • Weight – 39 lbs (Fiberglass)
  • Attributes – Meets all Surf Lifesaving Association rules and regulations
  • Colors – White only.