Fenn Elite SL


The slimline version of the Elite…The Elite SL has been claiming many podium placings.

The Elite SL (Slimline) is the skinny version of the worlds most successful ski the Elite. Being slightly thinner with a very pointy nose this boat is proving to be a winner amongst the top end paddlers. It is s 1 cm thinner through the seat making it slightly tippier than the Elite. This ski is for the top end paddler and is guaranteed to be the frontrunner at all the major events this season.



  • Front Waterbottle & Bungee Holder
  • Velcro Footstrap
  • All Carbon Footplate

Construction Fiberglass Vacuum Bagged
Length 21.12′ 21.12′
Beam 16.73″ 16.73″
Height 13.78″ 13.78″
Weight 38.5 lbs 25.3 lb
Pedal Length Fully Adjustable Fully Adjustable
Colors White White
Surf Start Handle     Yes, Left Side Yes, Left Side