Kaskazi Marlin

The Kaskazi Marlin is a fishing version of the Kaskazi Pelican. It has all the features and user friendly characteristics of the Pelican and is equipped with fishing accessories: Two rod holders and saddles for attaching tethers are fitted aft of the seat, a small hatch or bait box is fitted to the centre console, a plastic crate is accommodated in the recessed rear hatch and anchor trolley lines are fitted to both gunwales on the bow and the port gunwale on the stern. Carry handles are fitted on either side at the point of balance.

The Marlin is ideal for the catch-and-release angler who does not need the large fish box offered by the Dorado. It provides a light and manageable platform for angling, snorkelling and spear-fishing.

The Marlin is based on the Pelican sit on top expedition kayak which is fitted with accessories for angling. Its volume ensures excellent stability and load carrying capacity. The reliability and user-friendliness of the Marlin makes it very appealing as a day tripper and for recreational paddling. The angling accessories make it a very versatile recreational kayak.

  • Fitted with all the angling accessories: Bait box, 2 rod holders, anchor trolleys and a crate on the rear hatch
  • Comfortable cockpit with deep back support
  • Sit on top expedition kayak capability
  • Tracks well with the rudder and turns fast
  • Excellent all round stability
  • High load carrying capacity
  • Large hatches
  • Two bulkheads
  • Rudder with uphaul and downhaul
  • Pedal steering with self-adjusting rudder lines

  • Length: 4 750 mm
  • Width: 620 mm
  • Load Capacity: 140 kg
  • Weight: 25 kg

Please see our Kaskazi Pricing Sheet for costs.