Kaskazi Greenland


As the name implies, this is an interpretation of the beautiful Greenland style kayak. Traditionally, Greenland kayaks sat low in the water, had flat decks and very slightly swept up bow and stern. The reason for this was to minimize the windage of the kayak since Greenlanders often had to paddle in stormy conditions. The traditional Greenland kayak had a single hard chine where the Kaskazi Greenland has a double hard chine to soften the look and improve performance.

The result is a long, low and slender kayak with striking good looks. The kayak is relatively low volume so it suits smaller paddlers (50 – 70 kg) very well. Very few kayaks have been designed around smaller paddlers. The Kaskazi Greenland has been designed for recreational and extreme paddling rather than touring so it is not fitted with hatches as standard. It can be fitted with a 200mm spin in hatch on the rear deck as an option.

The Kaskazi Greenland is 5.3m long and therefore has a very good top speed. Although it is narrow its secondary stability is good but it is not intended for novice paddlers. It is very responsive to paddle and body input but it can be fitted with a rudder or a retractable skeg as an option.

  • Long and slender design provides good speed and responsiveness
  • Perimeter lines and deck rigging fore and aft of the cockpit
  • Small volume makes it ideal for smaller paddlers
  • Good secondary stability despite it slender beam
  • Clean and uncluttered deck with no unnecessary fittings
  • Two bulkheads and drain plugs for and aft

  • Length: 5300 mm
  • Width: 530 mm
  • Load Capacity: 90 kg
  • Weight: 19 kg

Please see our Kaskazi Pricing Sheet for costs.