Kaskazi Dorado


The Dorado is a specialist kayak designed for fishing, spear-fishing or snorkelling. It is a sit on top configuration to provide freedom of movement and is fitted as standard with all rigging required for fishing. It has a large fish box, load bay accommodating a plastic crate, fishing rod holders and anchor attachment lines. The Dorado’s volume provides exceptional load carrying capacity and stability and it is long enough to provide a good turn of speed.

The Dorado is specially designed for fishing, spear fishing and snorkelling and is without peer in this category. The Dorado’s speed and load carrying capacity make it a great kayak for expeditions – especially fishing or diving! It is so easy to paddle it is great for day tripping and fun paddling.



  • Deep and comfortable seat with back support
  • Large fish box
  • Fishing rod holders
  • Load bay with plastic stowage crate
  • Two spin-on hatches
  • Three anchor attachment lines
  • Exceptionally stable
  • High load carrying capacity
  • One bulkhead
  • Rudder with uphaul / downhaul
  • Adjustable steering pedals with self-adjusting rudder lines

  • Length4 800 mm
  • Width630 mm
  • Load Capacity
  • 180 kg
  • Weight29 kg

Please see our Kaskazi Pricing Sheet for costs.