Velox Assasin

This is a high line competitive river boat aimed at paddler who doesn’t have that instinctive stability that some of the top athletes are blessed with. It offers a stabler version of the elite Velox range, with very good maneuverability and good straight line speed.  A fast kayak for a skilled advanced paddler. The Assassin is designed for the larger paddler of more than 75kg. While slightly slower than the Attack is offers greater stability making it a good choice for the Avon Descent.

It has a similar rocker and profile as the Attack and Assault but with wider gunnel lines to bring more secondary stability to the boat It is a great tripping boat, and the boat of choice for hank McGregor in big water.




Paddler weight: Less than 80kgs
Stability:                                   (1 star = unstable 5 stars = most stable)
Manoeuvrability:     (1 star = least manoeuvrable, 5 stars = most manoeuvrable )
Suitability – flatwater:         (1 star = not suitable for flatwater, 5 stars = most suitable)
Suitability – rivers :         (1 star = least suited to rough river, 5 stars = most suited)
Options: River construction Marathon construction Sprint Construction


  • Length : 17 ft
  • Width :  1.4 ft
  • Weight : 12 kg