Stellar Surfskis

Speed, Stability, Durability and Comfort are the focus of Stellar Surf Ski designs. Paddlers the World over recognize this unique combination once they paddle our boats. The Stellar Elite series of Ski is on par with the fastest boats on the market, but delivers stability unseen in that class. Innovations such as the 3-point footbrace transfer your leg drive to boat speed, making Stellar the right choice.

Stellar S18S

 The Stellar 18’ Surf Ski (S18S) is an entry level surf ski with great top end speed from the S18R hull design, along with the stability that you have come to associate with a Stellar. With 2 dry storage compartments, the S18S is not only a Surf Ski, but also a capable touring kayak. As a standard [...]

Stellar SE

  Released in 2009, the Stellar Elite (SE) has become known for its speed and stability. Paddlers worldwide recognize this once they try the boat. Unlike no other boat on the market today, the SE provides you with the stability and the confidence to truly push yourself in all conditions without compromising speed. We accomplished [...]

Stellar SEL

 The Stellar Elite Low (SEL) Surf Ski came in response to the paddlers in more sheltered waters looking for reduced windage on the bow deck. We have lowered the bow deck, narrowed the catch, and increased the length of the footwell compared to the original SE Surf Ski. With the same hull as the SE, [...]

Stellar SES

Released in 2010, Stellar Elite Small (SES) has revolutionized the Surf Ski industry. Finally a boat specifically designed for lighter weight paddlers, where the length, beam, depth and wetted surface fit the paddler. The SES has been optimized in every way to suit the smaller paddler, as compared to the competition. Other companies simply use their [...]

Stellar SR

  Released in 2010, Stellar Racer (SR) is designed to be stable and fast, with a length of 19′ 2″ and beam of 19″. This boat will be the choice for those looking to transition from a touring kayak or those who lack confidence in rough weather.                   [...]