Mc Gregor Rhythm

The McGregor Rhythm is 19’4″ X 17 1/2 ” X 11 ”      

Mc Gregor Classic

The McGgregor Classic is 19’4″ L x 17″ W by 11″ deep      

Fenn XT Double

The Fenn XT Double surf ski is an easier to paddle version of its ubiquitous stable-mate the Millenium Double.  The XT Double features greater stability as well as fully adjustable fore and aft cockpits.  With stability, comes power & speed.  This is a family surf ski…stable enough to take your wife & kids for a [...]

Fenn Elite Double

    The Fenn Elite Double surf ski is the fastest double in the ocean and you will have great fun in the runs.  Has a fully adjustable fore and aft cockpit.            

Fenn LS

The newest life guard spec ski  added to the Fenn fleet.          

Fenn Tarpon

The “Tarpon” an all new SLA spec surfski designed by Fenn Kayaks. This ski is unbelievable in surf riding situations and has a standard rudder that is exceedingly responsive allowing you to turn and ‘surf’ shoulders perfectly.  This hull design has speed and stability while keeping within Surf Lifesaving specifications, and is a terrific all-round [...]

Fenn Glide

The Fenn Elite Glide surf ski is new from Fenn and made for flat water and smaller open sea conditions. The Elite Glide is still with great downwind conditions.      

Fenn Spark

The Fenn Spark surf ski is the low volume version of the Fenn Elite.           

Fenn Mako XT

The Mako XT is the workhorse of surf skis.  It’s stable and fast, making it both the best design for new surfski paddlers and a downwind machine for experienced paddlers.  The Mako XT is by far the fastest 19” surf ski on the market.  Last year, Fenn improved on the design by moving the seat [...]

Knysna Waverider

  SLASA approved surf life saving ski with adjustable footrest system, double foot strap and carbon footplate            

Knysna Jester

  The Jester is a fun ski aimed at kids and smaller paddlers ideal for wave riding.            

Knysna Genius G42

  The Genius G42 designed (CNC cut) by Neal Stephenson. Competitive racing double ski. Fully adjusable with extra long cockpit area to fit even the tallest paddlers.          

Knysna Genius 40

  The Genius 40 is a competitive long distance racer, aimed at the taller paddler. The ski was designed on CAD and CNC shaped. Standard features include an adjustable foot rest system, handle and 2L water holder and a carbon kickplate.          

Knysna Genius Blu

    The Genius BLU aimed at the intermediate paddler, ideal for LD racing          

Knysna Genius G20

  The Genius G20 is a competitive long distance racer, aimed at the smaller paddler (up to 85kg in weight and up to 1.8m in length). The ski was designed on CAD and CNC shaped. Standard features include an adjustable foot rest system, handle and 2L water holder and a carbon kick plate.     [...]

Knysna Genius CLK

The Genius CLK is the ideal ski for the novice to intermediate level paddler. The ski is very stable, extremely agile and light weight. Use the CLK for long distance training or just to have fun in the waves. Standard features are adjustable foot rest system, handle, pull strap and 2L water bottle holder.    [...]

Stellar S18S

 The Stellar 18’ Surf Ski (S18S) is an entry level surf ski with great top end speed from the S18R hull design, along with the stability that you have come to associate with a Stellar. With 2 dry storage compartments, the S18S is not only a Surf Ski, but also a capable touring kayak. As a standard [...]

Stellar SE

  Released in 2009, the Stellar Elite (SE) has become known for its speed and stability. Paddlers worldwide recognize this once they try the boat. Unlike no other boat on the market today, the SE provides you with the stability and the confidence to truly push yourself in all conditions without compromising speed. We accomplished [...]

Stellar SEL

 The Stellar Elite Low (SEL) Surf Ski came in response to the paddlers in more sheltered waters looking for reduced windage on the bow deck. We have lowered the bow deck, narrowed the catch, and increased the length of the footwell compared to the original SE Surf Ski. With the same hull as the SE, [...]

Stellar SES

Released in 2010, Stellar Elite Small (SES) has revolutionized the Surf Ski industry. Finally a boat specifically designed for lighter weight paddlers, where the length, beam, depth and wetted surface fit the paddler. The SES has been optimized in every way to suit the smaller paddler, as compared to the competition. Other companies simply use their [...]

Stellar SR

  Released in 2010, Stellar Racer (SR) is designed to be stable and fast, with a length of 19′ 2″ and beam of 19″. This boat will be the choice for those looking to transition from a touring kayak or those who lack confidence in rough weather.                   [...]

Fenn Blue Fin

The new surfski model from Fenn is called Blue Fin and is a stable surfski for beginners. It is the most stable surfski that still acts like a surfski and not as a sea kayak. It is a surfski that allows a paddler to surfski immediately and learn balance later.          

Fenn Elite SL

  The slimline version of the Elite…The Elite SL has been claiming many podium placings. The Elite SL (Slimline) is the skinny version of the worlds most successful ski the Elite. Being slightly thinner with a very pointy nose this boat is proving to be a winner amongst the top end paddlers. It is s [...]

Fenn Elite

For the serious ocean paddler, the Elite is unsurpassed. A great ski in all conditions, the Fenn Elite is the leader of the pack.  Although designed to be narrower and faster (and consequently slightly less stable), the ski has proved to have very similar stability to the Mako6 and is extremely popular with intermediate level [...]