Max Paddle Wing Paddles

The MaxPaddle joiner has been designed specifically for paddlers. We believe it to be the one of the finest joiners available. The unique design of this joiner allows it to grip tightly enough that World Champion Hank McGregor has used the joiner for the 2004 Dusi, winning the winter surfski series and crashing down the 2004 Berg [...]

Z&J Carbon 2 Piece Wing Paddles

All of our Z&J Paddles are 100% clear coated Carbon Fiber with an oval shaft and 10cm of adjustment and come with a free bag. 

Knysna Swing Carbon Paddles

Swing ClassicLightweight contruction for the advanced paddler. Available in a round or oval shaft. Length = 485mm Width = 160mm Swing LDRigid lightweight blade ideal for long-distance paddling. Available in a round or oval shaft. Length = 475mm Width = 160mm Swing JuniorSmall blade for juniors up to 15 years old Length = 450mm Width [...]