Velox K2

Velox Ascent

Based on the old Ascent the shape was trimmed down in the front third in order to to make it more streamlined, and to allow the front paddler to get the paddle in closer to the boat.  A great entry level K2 and a well loved intermediate staple. Stable and tough enough to take a [...]

Velox Eliminator

A new, competitive high volume river racer based based in the success of the Xterminator with wider gunnel lines at the back cockpit to add better river handling and secondary stability without loss of speed.  This design was tailor-made for bigger rivers like a full Dusi or a Fish where extra stability and handling is factor.  [...]

Velox Xterminator

A computer-aided-designed K2 aimed at the elite end of the market with the help of Hank McGregor. This is the ultimate river racing K2! Surprisingly comfortable and very quick, with excellent river handling abilities. Andy Birkett and Jason Graham won the 2012 Dusi in this boat and Hank McGregor and Grant van der Walt won [...]

Velox Terminator

 Brand new design CAD on CMC machinery to to combine cutting edge speed with improved stability and sharper performance. A real top of the range river racer for the lighter combinations. Highly successful at national marathon championships and a performance boat of choice for serious river racers. Top four boats in the 2012 Dusi were [...]