Velox K1

Velox Avenger

A lightweight stable kayak that capable of river kayak racing or just cruising on the river. Lighter than plastic kayaks making it easy to lift on the car.  This is a reworking of the Avenger, which was the K1 derivative of the Ascent K2. The cockpit has been moved back to get it to glide better, and [...]

Velox Attack

Fast. Kayak Centre’s latest high end kayak designed for the smaller paddler less than 75kg. Now available in Australia. Paddled to victory in many of the South African kayak races and the 2010 Avon Decent. The only Velox’s in the 2010 Avon were paddled by Hank McGregor (1st place) and Kevin White (2nd place).  The [...]

Velox Assasin

This is a high line competitive river boat aimed at paddler who doesn’t have that instinctive stability that some of the top athletes are blessed with. It offers a stabler version of the elite Velox range, with very good maneuverability and good straight line speed.  A fast kayak for a skilled advanced paddler. The Assassin is designed [...]

Velox Assault

  The Assault has the same hull as the Attack with 30mm more height in the boat overall to accommodate the heavier paddlers and to make it more comfortable for paddlers wit bigger hips. It has extra footroom under the deck as well.  This is Hank McGregor boat of choice for the Fish, and the boat that [...]

Velox Sniper

The Sniper has the same hull as the Assassin but is most suitable for paddlers under 85kg. It is a hit with lighter men, ladies and juniors who are looking for a top end river racer.  Robyn Kime raced this boat to victory in the Dusi and it is the boat of choice of Abby Adie.   [...]