Knysna K1

Knysna Lancer CX

Stable flat water and river K1.  Excellent turning capacity and ideal for the smaller paddler.  Winner of the Itala Challenge 2006 (Mike Harris).  Max paddler weight 80kg.           

Knysna Jacana

  The CX Jacana – a stable K1 for the intermediate paddler. The canoe has excellent turning capacity, and cuts the wave beautifully to make it quicker than the more stable CX Lancer.                    

Knysna Vantage Pro

 Vantage Pro – first in our new kayak range, the smallest, 38cm widest point in cockpit area, multi purpose – designed to be a good sprint, marathon and river K1…and our sexiest K1 ever!!!!!!!! Michelle Eray winning the Fish River Canoe Marathon 2012.